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If you build it, they will come…

27 Mar

Take me out to the ball game.

I can be forgiven for using this stupid cliché in a blog post about a baseball game, because I’m British and we don’t have baseball at home. In fact, I should be applauded for resisting the urge to refer to a baseball game as a “match” (which I’m reliably informed by my American friends is, in fact, stupid).

British people think that we get American culture, because we get so much of it imported. American brands, American TV shows and with them American slang, games, customs, values and sports. I know a surprising amount about baseball from US teen comedies and their references to “bases”, and the film Field of Dreams. What I don’t get, is why a jumped up version of rounders played by men in striped pyjamas generates such emotion in fans. Then again, I don’t understand that about football, either.

Baseball is big in Korea, and even bigger in Busan which is home to the Lotte Giants, who are supposedly South Korea’s number one baseball team. This Saturday, before the league starts, I went along to Sajik stadium to watch an exhibition game (a friendly, I suppose).

Sajik stadium

It was pretty good fun! The game is easy to understand on a basic level, although I’m sure I was missing some of the tactics. It was relatively slow to get going, but the crowd even for the free exhibition game was lively. There were chants to join in on (okay, make up the words to) and several groups of students even had pom poms and dance moves worked out. Seeing as you can bring your own beers into the stadium, I think that going back to watch an actual league game would be really good fun.

The rest of my weekend was pretty relaxed. I spent Sunday afternoon in Nampodong browsing the shops (but not actually buying much because I don’t have access to my bank account from an ATM at the moment) and sampling some street food.


The red stuff is a kind of rice doughy dumpling thing. Maybe. The sauce is pretty spicy. It’s tasty! My favourites are the small dumplings (mandu in Korean) on the left and the sping onion pancake thing on the right, which is delicious with some soy sauce. Om nom nom! 

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