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Getting crafty in Korea

24 Feb

Just a quick update on my visit to the Hanok Traditional Korean Village. It was a place basically preserved as a traditional village for tourists to come and see, and we were able to look around and try out some traditional Korean dancing, drumming and paper crafting. Crafts! YESSSSSS! Now we’re talking!

The paper crafting involved a lot of pasting and folding and smoothing, and it was aided (or hindered) by the Korean experts who occasionally came round to offer advice (in Korean) followed by hand gestures, followed by impatiently doing it for you. Women I can relate to, after trying to teach so many people to knit in my time. The extra fun thing was knowing we’d seen a guy making the paper using the traditional methods just that morning! Okay, no, the fun part was the pasting.

My finished box, of which I was insanely proud.

The field trip was fun, but mostly for the activities, rather than the cultural sight seeing which was slightly fake feeling. There was, however, an couple of cute dogs. Like this one!

I know, I know, but it’s my first dog in Korea! And he was a very handsome dog! Alright, you want culture? How about this:

A traditional Korean building, which was part of a shrine we visited, which was extremely pretty. Want more?

Please note the traditional Korean theatre mask is accompanied by the traditional Korean flicking of the Vs.

This is a traditional theatre mask. We got a chance to try them on after learning some steps from a traditional dance, which is best described as Korean Morris dancing, I think!

I’m sorry this post is light on actual text. I’m still very tired from the goings on of the week. I also haven’t taken a lot of time to examine my feelings about all of this, and I think this is because my feelings seem to change every hour! I’m being collected by my Korean co-teacher and taken to my apartment on Monday, so I will be without the internet for a while, although not offline, as there are plenty of PC Bang (internet cafes) about. I will try to give a more thorough update on my new living arrangement as soon as I can!

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