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I promise I’m still here

8 Aug

Summer is raging in South Korea and I have been so busy that I haven’t found the time to blog. Terrible, I know. Here is a taster of what I’ve been up to:

– planning and then delivering English Summer Camp

– going to the beach

– getting heatstroke

– playing Mario Kart

– attending the free Busan International Rock Festival

– celebrating my birthday with 3 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts (no really)

– eating delicious Korean food

– cuddling dogs at the dog cafe (I went back because it really is the best place on Earth)

– drunk-Skyping my family and friends


This is just a flying visit because I’m now off to Seoul for 3 days. Phew! I’ll update properly when I’m back, but in the mean time I instruct you all to watch this, the most amazing music video ever made:

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