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Procrastination is a swamp, social media sites are the R.O.U.S

31 Oct

Wow, I’ve been really bad at updating this bad boy, huh? Hardly surprising, given that I am the Queen of Procrastination. I’m so lazy that if there was a competition for procrastinating, I would probably have a nap and then forget about it.

Actually, terrible jokes aside, motivation is something that I really struggle with. When I was at university I used to write quite close to my deadlines, although when it came to my dissertation I actually managed to hand it in early – printing it out at the library and stepping over piles of huddled, crying students as I left. Then post university my motivation has been slowly draining away, until I find it hard to do work without an imminent deadline. I often leave my lesson planning until the last minute to finish – spending ages making minor changes to a power-point and then finally doing the majority of the work the Friday before I have to teach it. I sometimes plan after school classes the same day as I teach them in an attempt to motivate myself with a rapidly approaching deadline.

At this job, my procrastination is made all the more obvious by the amount of free time I have. I teach four 45 minute lessons a day and run a lunchtime “English cafe” (i.e. open classroom) for half an hour. I have three free periods every day to plan, prepare my materials, and generally sit at my desk. That’s nearly 2 ½ hours a day. I barely manage to finish my lesson planning in that time, and rarely manage to do much else constructive. I usually fritter away the hours on various blogs and social media sites. When I get home, I do more of the same until 6ish, when I generally eat dinner (or go out in search of food) and then I put on the TV. And that’s it until bed! 

I need to recondition myself into making better use of my free time. Maybe the reason I’ve not been able to do it since I left university, is that university was the last time I was spending all my time and energy on something I wanted to do, and enjoyed – studying literature. I want to start my own business when I go home to England, and only work part-time to pay the rent, but this is going to require a lot of self-motivation. I’m sick of feeling so lazy all the time, and I’m sick of losing hours to Facebook.

To this end, I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo this year. For the next month I’m going to try to cut out (or at least down on!) my internet-based procrastination, and my TV watching, and write 50,000 words instead. I’m hoping that the idea of failing, the tight deadline, and the powerful motivator of shame, will help me get some of my old energy back. I used to write for fun when I was a student, in between reading for fun, reading for university, and writing essays. And working part time! If 21-year-old-me could do it, then 27 year-old-me can do it to.

Wish me luck. As the Koreans would say- fighting!

Oh, and congratulations if you got the reference in the title. I’m officially crushing on you a little bit right now.

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