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Taekwondo and Korean treats

22 Feb

This is just a brief update as I have homework to do for Korean class… I just wanted to throw up some pictures of me in taekwondo class:


Getting my kick on. I yelled A LOT whilst practising this. It seemed to help!


Apparently if I take classes EVERY DAY, I could be a black belt by the time my year in Korea is up. Although it does seem unlikely!

Tomorrow is field trip day so I’m going to take my camera and try to remember to use it. I haven’t really taken any photos myself so far (the ones above are by http://www.facebook.com/chanwoong and all photography credits go to him).

Currently I’m having a quiet night in, checking emails and Facebook and trying to do some brainstorming and failing miserably. I’m a bit hungover today, you see, as last night was my introduction to the local drink soju, which is like a weaker vodka and way too easy to drink. I also met some slushy fruity soju cocktails and a large amount of beer. Oops. Still, it was nice to relax a little after a fairly packed schedule here.

My homework snacks are keeping me entertained. I’m trying out this beverage:


Don’t be fooled by the name. This is a soft drink, and it basically tastes like cheap lemonade. It had the benefit of being a drink that actually had some English writing on it (the Korean name is on the other side of the bottle) so I felt fairly safe in picking it up.

I also picked up a chocolate bar which featured no English writing on it apart from the word “premium”. Premium is good! I like premium! And everything else seemed to be Hersheys (yuck, sorry Americans) or Twix bars.


This is going to be interesting, I figured. Someone in my class had already tried out a different bar by the same brand which had turned out to be basically a dark chocolate Snickers, or so I am informed. I expected nuts, and went from there…


I got a kind of soft, nutty nougat with a caramel top layer covered in chocolate. It was YUM. I will definitely be looking for this again! I attempted to translate the name of it with my poor Korean skills but the font is confusing… it could be something like “Jah-yoo-see-gahd” but then again, maybe not!

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